As a child, Olufela "Fela" Raymond stared up at the large painting of his father that hung in his family's living room. The color and textural strokes brought Fela's imagination to life. Further inspired by his uncle's sculptures and garden art, Fela began shifting from excitement to dedication and launched his art career. 
Hailing from Nigeria, Fela and his family moved to the States when Fela was ten. But the vibrancy of home was never forgotten and another decade later found Fela back in Africa, this time exploring Uganda. Miles grew under Fela's feet as far as his experience, leading the photographer from colorful, cinematographic street scenes to black-and-white double exposure.
From Africa to Australia, and back to the States, Fela has taken film with him everywhere he has gone, focusing on the traditional photographic style that is symbolic of the meticulous and steady development of the humanity he captures.
Fela's work is natural, he focuses the lens more than he does on a detail in editing. He wants the world to see the moment as untouched as he first encountered it, believing in honoring the original subject more than tweaking it to fit someone else's preference or comfort. Instead, he is an astute observer of the variance of light, textures, and patterns in each shot, making sure the environment and subject are working together. 
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