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It all started with a jacket...
After 9 cities, 3 continents and twenty plus years of wear, my Triple 5 Soul denim jacket was falling apart. I'd asked a few people to patch it for me but the prices they quoted had a sister on Amazon buying her first machine!

After many errors - sewing fabric wrong sides facing out, trying to sew multiple layers & breaking my machine - I finally got the hang of it and began to 

 Inspired by my mother’s 1980’s dining room table treatment, I began covering objects with colorful fabric and sealing them with resin. First a side table, then cork coasters and light switch plates.

A friend was vending at AfroPunk one summer and invited me to "test the market." I had two weeks to make enough product to sell over the two-day festival. I threw myself into it, working day and night. On the first day of the festival I was so unprepared—I had no company name, logo or social media presence. Still, I returned home that night excited - I'd sold a couple of pillows and some coaster sets, and stayed up all night answering all the questions customers had been asking all day:

Do you have a website?
Do you take credit cards?
Are you on Facebook?

It was on the second day, I was asked a question that changed the entire trajectory of my business:

Do you sew with Mud Cloth?

At the time, I hadn't a clue where to get it but I eagerly said yes, exchanged emails and Nambili Home Décor was born. My first customer was ecstatic with the results of their custom pillow set and I discovered I could bring peoples visions to fruition!

House of Nambili — blending your personal style & family heirlooms with African textiles to create unique furnishings for your home. From pillows to seat cushions, chairs to ottomans, House Of Nambili creates cultural décor & accessories that connect you to your heritage, the African Diaspora & beyond.