Welcome to the House of Nambili

A tapestry of creativity, culture, and craftsmanship, House of Nambili celebrates the art of curated living. Every piece in our collection—whether it's unique home decor that tells stories of distant lands and epochs or our Afro-centric clothing line, imbued with uplifting phrases for the vibrant creative soul—embodies our commitment to individuality and style.

Our passion for excellence doesn't stop there. Dive deeper into our world at SewFresh Upholstery, where we rejuvenate your cherished furniture pieces, tailoring them to not just your space, but also your spirit.

Journey with us as we merge the essence of tradition with the avant-garde, crafting pieces and experiences that resonate, inspire, and initiate dialogues. In the House of Nambili, every stitch, brushstroke, and design isn't just an item—it's a narrative. Welcome to our story.

I'm niCo Robinson – an artist at heart with a multifaceted passion that knows no bounds. From the mesmerizing world of photography to the tactile joys of woodworking and sewing, my creative journey is a tapestry of vivid expressions. Yet, amidst these myriad talents, there's one enduring love – chairs! Wingbacks, rockers, side chairs, stools, ottomans... If you can sit on it, I've likely dreamed of breathing new life into it through reupholstery. Dive into my world, where every piece, whether it's art, a photo, or a revived piece of furniture, tells a story