About Me


Hello, wonderful people! I'm niCo Robinson, deeply rooted in furniture restoration and a fervent chair enthusiast. But that's not all. My creative horizon spans from art and photography to intricate woodworking and skilled sewing. As a plant-mom, dog lover, and Star Wars devotee, my world is diverse and vibrant, and I invite you to be a part of it.

If you've ever pondered over the origins of HoN, here's the tale:

'Nambili' stands for "twelve" in Zulu, symbolic of my age when I embraced African textiles, was inspired by the Eameses' designs, and cultivated my enduring love for chairs. House of Nambili sprouted as a humble home-based endeavor, offering custom pillows infused with cultural aesthetics. But destiny had bigger plans. The onset of the pandemic catalyzed a transformative journey, leading to my relocation and the expansion of HoN. Today, our expertise spans upholstery services, handmade home decor items, and bespoke furniture flipping.

About House of Nambili
Rooted in sustainability, we prioritize eco-friendly practices, seeking local materials for our creations. And for the love of our planet, with every purchase from our store, a tree finds its roots, planted in honor of our customers.

Our distinction? A personalized touch, deeply understanding client visions, turning every project into a work of heart.

Embracing our identity as a woman and minority-owned business, we're on a mission to bring diverse flair and creativity into the furniture restoration & interior design industry.