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Fannie Lou Hamer 'Nobody's Free' Canvas Statement Tote

Fannie Lou Hamer 'Nobody's Free' Canvas Statement Tote

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Transform your look and share a meaningful message without speaking a word.

Introducing our redesigned canvas tote, thoughtfully reimagined to carry more than just your belongings—it carries a legacy. This tote is equipped with sturdy cotton handles featuring enhanced stitching for longevity and ease. It's emblazoned with an inspiring quote from Fannie Lou Hamer, the renowned civil rights activist known for her powerful advocacy for equality and justice.

Perfect for your everyday essentials, this tote merges utility with a poignant reminder to #staywoke, embodying the spirit of resilience and courage.

14.5 x 15.5

  • Premium 100% Cotton Canvas
  • Durable 22" cotton canvas handles

Pair it with our assortment of tees, hoodies, and sweatshirts to round out your wardrobe. Adopt this tote as part of your narrative and carry Fannie Lou Hamer's enduring message of hope and change wherever you go.

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