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HoN Adinkra Maple Cutting Board - Strength & Humility

HoN Adinkra Maple Cutting Board - Strength & Humility

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Enhance your kitchen and impress your guests with this multi-use maple cutting board. Our versatile board features a dual-purpose design - one side for food preparation and the other for decorative display.
It showcases a laser-etched 'DWENNIMMEN' or 'Rams Horn' (Adinkra symbol for Strength & Humility) design, adding unique character and touch of culture, while remaining a fully functional kitchen tool.

Perfect as a gift for your favorite Chef or as a delightful housewarming present!

Small: 9" x 6"
Medium: 11.5" x 8.75"
Large: 13.75" x 9.75"

High Quality Maple

Season your board with spoon butter or board cream, a blend of beeswax and mineral oil, available for purchase or homemade. Apply the mixture using a clean cloth, covering all surfaces in contact with water—front, back, sides, and feet. Allow the board to absorb the mixture for 24 hours, then buff off any excess. Usually, one coat is sufficient for water resistance.

Clean your board with hot, soapy water or a diluted bleach solution (approximately 1 tablespoon of bleach per gallon of water).

DO NOT allow to drip dry.

Remove as much moisture as possible with a clean dish towel. Store in a position that ensures airflow and prevents moisture entrapment between the board and the counter.

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