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#HoN Wrapped Incense Burner - Cotton

#HoN Wrapped Incense Burner - Cotton

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Wanna add some Eco-friendly Luxury for Your Space? Begin Your Day with Fragrant Bliss with our Wrapped Incense Burner! Enhance your daily ritual with our unique Incense Burners, offering an elegant and eco-friendly solution for enjoying your favorite incense stick fragrances. Ideal for home, yoga studios, or spas, these one-of-a-kind burners elevate any atmosphere.

Crafted from up-cycled bottles, each burner showcases a sophisticated cotton wrap, creating a distinct look that complements any decor. Embrace sustainability while adding a touch of luxury to your space.

PLEASE NOTE: Each recycled glass burner varies, making your HoN Wrapped Incense Burner truly special.

Using the HoN Wrapped Incense Burner – Simple Steps for Fragrant Bliss

  1. Attach the incense stick to the provided clip.
  2. Light the incense stick and insert it, lit side down, into the bottle's top.
  3. Let the burner collect ashes while the incense burns, filling the room with its captivating scent.

The HoN Wrapped Incense Burner is an ideal gift or addition to any space, boasting a unique personality that complements your decor. Pair it with our high-quality incense for the ultimate aromatic experience.

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