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Patchouli and Spices Incense

Patchouli and Spices Incense

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Indulge in the entrancing fragrance of our hand-rolled Patchouli and Spices Incense. This earthy and exotic Eastern scent evokes a spiritual ambiance.

Our unique blend combines combines various spices along with patchouli oil, creating a refreshing and revitalizing fragrance. 

Each pack contains 10 incense sticks, sealed in a plastic pouch to preserve freshness and deliver an exceptional aromatic experience with every use.

Aroma: Patchouli, Rose, Vetiver, and Peach.

Intention: Light this incense to foster a pure, spiritual ambiance, enhance your devotion to a higher purpose, or support meditation and focus.

Key features:

  • Handmade by artisans in India’s cottage industry
  • Fragrant aromatherapy
  • Devotional and intention incense

Ingredients: A blend of herbs, flowers, resins, pure oils, and pure sandalwood, combined according to ancient traditional wisdom and hand-rolled onto a thin bamboo stick. 

Mukunda represents the divine facet that grants liberation. Serving as a vessel to safely navigate life's turbulent waters, Mukunda offers solace to those who embrace his grace, liberating them from the cycle of suffering.

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