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North Georgia Jewel - ModMud Chair

North Georgia Jewel - ModMud Chair

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Bask in the charm of this 'North Georgia Jewel,' a delightful find from an apple-picking adventure that has been revitalized with meticulous care. This statement piece, featuring plush new foam, upcycled black denim and  an enticing white-on-black Malian mudcloth upholstery, perfectly encapsulates a contemporary, MOD-style appeal.

The 'North Georgia Jewel' harmoniously blends rustic origins with modern aesthetics, offering a unique tribute to MOD style. Its rich African mudcloth upholstery adds a bold, cultural statement to any space, promising to catch eyes and spark conversations. A unique blend of comfort, style, and heritage, this striking piece awaits its new home with you.

*Available for Local PickUp Only

21" L x 21.5" W 31" H
Back: 12"x15"
Seat: 17"x18" 

Base: Stainless Steel
Cushion: Hi density foam, Malian MudCloth, Upcycled Denim

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