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'Malian Elegance' Accent Bench

'Malian Elegance' Accent Bench

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Infuse a touch of elegance and cultural richness into your home with our 'Malian Elegance Accent Bench.' Expertly revamped, this unique piece showcases a revitalized base, repainted with care, and a newly upholstered cushion boasting the traditional artistry of Malian mudcloth in an eye-catching mustard shade.

The distinct 'Malian Elegance Accent Bench' stands as an emblem of style and refinement. Its unique patterns and warm hues transform this bench into a luxurious statement piece, poised to enrich your space with its vibrant charm and cultural heritage, promising to captivate your guests and be a beloved fixture in your home for years to come."

*Available for Local PickUp Only

DIMENSIONS 20" L x 15" W x 18.5" H

Bass: Wood, Chalk paint
Cushion: Wood, original foam, Malian MudCloth

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