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Sandalwood Supreme Incense

Sandalwood Supreme Incense

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Experience the rich and luxurious scent of our hand-rolled Sandalwood Supreme Incense, crafted by skilled artisans in India's cottage industry. Infused with pure sandalwood, this incense creates a serene, harmonious, and spiritual atmosphere perfect for meditation and concentration.

Our unique blend combines sacred sandalwood with natural herbs, flowers, resins, and pure oils, capturing the essence of ancient traditional wisdom. Sandalwood Supreme Incense is designed as a fragrant offering to elevate your devotion while delighting your senses.

Each pack contains 10 incense sticks, sealed in a plastic pouch to preserve freshness and deliver an exceptional aromatic experience with every use.

Aroma: Pure Sandalwood

Intention: Enhance your spiritual practice, deepen your devotion, and facilitate focus with the enchanting fragrance of this incense.

Key Features:

  • Handmade by skilled artisans in India's cottage industry
  • Fragrant aromatherapy experience
  • Devotional and intention incense

Ingredients: A blend of herbs, flowers, resins, pure oils, and pure sandalwood, combined according to ancient traditional wisdom and hand-rolled onto a thin bamboo stick.

Shyam, a Sanskrit term, signifies the beautiful dark-skinned one: Lord Krishna, who embodies divine beauty, youth, nobility, and charm. Revered as the focus of ecstatic love, he symbolizes transcendental devotion.

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